How can I create a birthday campaign or remind users about the due date?

Targeting users based on time-related milestones in their profiles is possible when using the "anniversary" operator for user attributes in the segment condition.

To create the condition, please follow these steps:

  1. Enter the existing segment or create a new one

  2. Click on "Add condition"

  3. From the list of user attributes, select the date field you would like to use for your campaign

  4. Choose "anniversary" from the Operator dropdown

  5. Enter the time relation to the date of message delivery.

Examples of values for triggering campaigns based on time inputs in user profile:

  • Same day as the one in the data field: today

  • 3 days before the date: - 3 days

  • 3 days after the date: + 3 days

Some possible applications for the operator:

  • Sending birthday greetings

  • Reminding about the due date or a deadline for submission (banking & financial technology, education, etc.)

  • Informing about the upcoming order delivery (eCommerce)