How can I set up the Opt-out process?

Managing opt-outs via CrossEngage enables you to gain centralized control over the status of each user across all marketing channels.

You can find the instructions on how to include an unsubscribe link into your commercial emails or any other messages, in the Opt-out management section of our API documentation.

Manipulating marketing permissions of users

Unsubscribe users:

You can retrieve or change the opt-in status of any user via the dedicated API endpoint; the instructions on that are also included in the Opt-out management section of our API documentation.

Re-subscribe users:

Should you want to re-subscribe a user, set the corresponding attribute to false. Users with the flag "traits.optOut": "false"are those who unsubscribed in the past but accept marketing communication as of now.

Add users to blacklist:

Additionally, you can blacklist users to ensure they do not receive any kind of marketing communication in future including transactional messages. The Opt-out management section of our API documentation provides more information on how to blacklist users.

Tracking unsubscribes

You can access the statistics about the subscription cancellations as per desired time frame by creating a segment based on the event called Opt Out. You can also export the list of users in the segment as a CSV file.

Combining opt-out status from CrossEngage with the one from external providers

Your channel providers can still manage opt-outs on their side even if you use the opt-out solution from CrossEngage. It is, however, important to estimate the impact of running them simultaneously: the process of unsubscribing users via the global and single-channel opt-out at the same time may require additional development efforts. Non-proper setup may cause the blockage of transactional messages or legal issues in case user status fails to update as requested.

Impact on transactional campaigns

Marking campaign as transactional will let campaign recipients get the message regardless of their opt-out status. In order to turn on the transactional mode, please go to Campaigns → Edit → Campaign setup and look for the section Transactional campaign.