Create a Real-Time Campaign

  • Go to the Campaigns Tab, and click on Create Campaign.

  • Choose Realtime Campaign.

  • Give your Campaign a meaningful name. You can also add a Description, Labels or choose a Campaign Group. This will help you and your team to follow the Campaign later.

  • Select the time frame for the Campaign. For this example, this campaign will run from April 2023 onwards.

  • Choose if this campaign is Transactional. A transactional campaign always sends its messages, bypasses frequency cappings. Here we do not select this option.

Transactional Campaigns are useful for messages that the customer needs, such as purchase receipts. Generally, we avoid using transactional campaigns, to avoid sending too many messages to a single user.

  • Choose a Control Group for the Campaign. A Control Group is a group of customers who are excluded from the Campaign, so we can judge how the Campaign is affecting user behavior. Here, we disable the Control Group.

  • Click on Save Changes.

  • Go to next step: Target Group.

  • In the Target Group, select or create a User Segment. This is the audience of your campaign that will be targeted.

  • Click on Save Changes.

  • Define a User Journey. Here, we use the events "Added Product" and "Order Completed".

    • Add the first event E1 "Added Product" of type "needs to happen".

    • Add a wait W2 after E1 for "+6 Hours after E1".

    • Add the second event E3 "Completed Order" of type "Should not happen".

  • Click again on "Save Changes".

  • Go to next step: Messages.

  • Create a new message for your audience. Here we use a Template for the message. You can also use Handlebars such as {{journey.steps.[0].[properties.price]}} to customize your message and Subject.

  • After configuring your message, you can click on Preview Message to see what the outgoing message will look like.

  • Go to next step: Frequency Capping.

  • Select the required Frequency Capping. Here, we cap messages from this Campaign at 1 per 7 days.

  • Go to Campaign Summary.

  • You can now activate your campaign,by clicking on the Activate button from the Campaign Summary page.

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