User Attribute Condition

The User Attribute Condition uses information from the User Profiles and online shopping cart to segment users. The traits in a User Profile, such as age, gender, or contact information, are largely static; They do not change with time. Hence a Segment built with such a User Attribute Conditions is not likely to change, except when new Users are added to the User Database.

Event Condition

The Event Condition uses information from Events, such as Onsite User Activity or User Interaction with sent Messages. The Event Condition depends on the Behavior of the User - hence it can be hard to predict how many Users will enter a given Segment, as these Events will continue to take place in the future. It can be paired with other Conditions to restrict the Segment to certain demographics.

You can also specify custom events based on your business needs and send them via API. Please submit a request to Customer Experience team for the creation of the events you would like to send and add their exact names.

When a User is sent a Message via a CrossEngage Channel, this generates Events that show the User's interaction with the Message. For example, we can Segment Users based on if they received or opened an email, or if they click a web notification.

Segmentation based on a past Campaign

In order to see who received a message in a specific campaign, you need to build a segment that targets the recipients of that campaign. Should you only want to check the campaign performance, please go to the campaign dashboard. You will need the following information to access the list of users:

  • ID of the campaign The campaign ID can be found next to campaign name in the campaign overview or in the list of campaigns

  • Channel or provider used to send the message The Channel and Provider can be seen from the Messages Section of the Campaign.

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