Create a new Model

To Create a new Model, go to the Prediction Models Tab, and Click on the Create New Prediction Model button.

  • Give your Model a meaningful name. You can optionally add a description.

  • Go to Target Variable.

  • Provide the time-offset for your data. The time offset is the time between the most recent transaction data available on the Predictions Platform, and the start of the campaign. The time offset ensures that process times that are necessary (e.g. address printing) are taken into account in the model.

  • Provide the Prediction Period. The Prediction Period defines the future period for which a forecast of the purchase probability and the expected turnover should be created.

  • Define your target filter. Here you can choose how events are taken into account. Set Ordered Item as Positive.

  • Go to Target Group. Here you can filter out Customers you want to exclude from your Prediction Model.

  • Click on Create Model.

  • Once your Model is created, it should show the status "initial". You can now run the Model by clicking on the "Commit" button. Note that once a model is processed, it can no longer be edited.

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