Reach out to Customer Support

If you encounter a problem on the CrossEngage Systems, you can check the System Status page to ensure that all systems are up and operational. If the problem remains, you can reach out to customer support, on our Service Desk.

To access the Service Desk from the CrossEngage Data Platform, click on the Help icon in the top right side of the app, and choose Service Desk.

There are two available options; file a Support Request, or report a bug.

After choosing an option, please provide a clear title and description of the problem. You can also attach screenshots or screen recordings to show the problem.

If the problem occurs in a specific Campaign or Segment, please provide the Campaign / Segment ID.

When reporting a bug, it is also necessary to choose a Priority.

  • High -> critical bug e.g login not possible, data security issues

  • Medium -> delayed data processing, integration issues

  • Low -> no significant restriction of platform usage

After completing the form, press Send. Our support staff will check the provided information for assistance and troubleshooting.

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