The Event Stream collects and logs events in the CrossEngage system. These events can be collected from your website, your Outbound communications, or customer transactions. You can also upload events to the CrossEngage system. Please go to Data Management for more information.

Custom Events can also be created. If you would like to create Custom Events, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Predictions and Modelling

For creating Predictions and Models ( Neural Networks ), it is important to have sufficient quantity and quality of data. It is strongly recommended to provide all events (especially all orders) for Predictions, including from Customers who have churned, or opted out of communications.

For reliable predictions, event history of 5 years or more is generally considered sufficient. However, this is not a hard rule as other factors, such as feature selection or data quality can also affect the output of a Model. If there is any confusion, please reach out to your respective Customer Success Manager, or write us a Ticket.

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