Cart Data


The {{cart}} handlebar can be used to fetch information about the products present in a User's cart, or about the cart itself, such as currency used. It has the following syntax:


Displaying the total of a User's Cart in a Journey

If you wish to show the total price of items in a User's cart during a Journey, we can call the journey.steps handlebar to display the Cart's total:

{{journey.steps.[0].[]}} {{journey.steps.[0].[cart.currency]}}

This can be used to send a reciept after an order, or a reminder if the cart is abandoned.

Displaying products in a User's current cart

We can use the cart with Product Helper Functions to display details of the products in a User's Cart.

{{#includeProducts '{
    "eventProducts": {
        "events": ["Added Product"],
       "eventTimes": ["-2 weeks","now"],
        "operator": "n-th last",
        "operand": 1}

    {{#findProduct [cart.products.0.sku]}}


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