Set up business Units

As your company may use different business units to differentiate activities across countries, divisions or other business entities, CrossEngage lets you add options to the tracking SDK to easily model data sent to your account. This will allow you to also track a businessUnit for each call made.

To set this up, copy the snippet below and paste it together with the web tracking snippet you have previously set up, changing the businessUnit value placeholder to the one your would like to use for tracking purposes, e.g. DE.

window.additionalOptions = {
	businessUnit: 'Business unit placeholder'
  • Copy the snippet.

  • Paste it in the previously set up global tag between the <script></script> HTML tags after the global tracking code snippet.

  • Set up a variable for businessUnit that is updated dynamically to reflect the business unit for which tracking events are sent.

  • Use this variable in the function options payload to update its value dynamically.

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