Opt-Out from Tracking

To ensure user privacy is handled correctly, the Tracking SDK (v2) will opt out from tracking by default and tracking opt in must be enabled via the configuration to enable tracking like this:

ce({trackingOptIn: true});

By default, the tracking SDK will be in a non-tracking mode. It will execute and run all its internal code logic and functions, but will not make any http request to the CrossEngage tracking API. This configuration will allow requests to the API when enabled, which is required for user tracking. When true, it will add a cookie to the users browser to store this setting and apply it on the next page load.

To set a opt-out cookie for a given user and stop the CrossEngage tracking library from sending API-request to the CrossEngage Web-tracking API, you can simply set to tracking opt-out to false:

ce({trackingOptIn: false});

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