Model Builder Tab

The Model Builder is the heart of the Predictions Platform. It is the key feature to optimize your print campaigns. In the Model Builder Tab, you can create and manage Models, manage the Model Queue and troubleshoot any Models that fail.

How to Use the Model Builder

Click on the Model Builder Tab at the top of your screen. On the Model Builder page, you can see a button to create a new model, and a list of your existing models. You can click on any Model Name to view its configuration.

You can also see Status Information of the Models here. Hover your mouse over the information (i) icon next to Status to learn more. For models where calculation is finished successfully, click the 'View Model Report' icon under "Reports", to learn more about the Quality of the Model.

On the right side of every Model, you can see a number of Options. You can set the model to auto-export the Scores after every recalculation to your SFTP Server, including to our Customer Data Platform, where you can use them for User Segmentation.

You can also set a Model to Active / Inactive, Run Predictions on existing Model or Edit or Duplicate them.

It is not possible to Edit a Model, once its Scores have been calculated. However, you can Duplicate the Model, make changes to the copy, and then deactivate the old model.

Model Queue

The number of calculation slots is limited, as Model Calculation is a compute-intensive process and can take anywhere from a few minutes up to 2 working days, based on the Model's Complexity and the Size of the Data Package. You can submit multiple Models for Calculation simultaneously, in which case they are added to the Model Queue.

The Model Queue is executed in the same order in which the Models were submitted for calculation. Hence if you want a Model to be processed before others, please make sure to submit it for calculation first. When a Model is waiting in the Model Queue, its status will show "Waiting for a Spare Calculation Slot".

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