Set up Optilyz Integration

Before you begin, you will need the following:

  • optilyz account

  • CrossEngage account

  • User addresses

Fetching an API Key

An optilyz API key allows CrossEngage to connect to your optilyz account. To obtain it:

  • Log in to your optilyz account.

  • Click Automations in the left panel menu.

  • Copy the API key located right under the title of the page.

Setting Up an optilyz Integration in CrossEngage

  • In the CrossEngage app, navigate to Settings > Integrations.

  • Click the Add new integration button in the top right corner of the page.

  • Search for optilyz, then click Set up.

  • Give the integration a descriptive name.

  • Paste the API key that you copied from your optilyz account during the previous steps into the "API key" field and click Connect.

Value Mapping

Value mapping allows you to pass user information from CrossEngage to optilyz so you can perform better content personalisation.

  • It is possible to set up a value mapping at this point if you wish to do so. There are three types of value mapping that you can set up:

  • Click Apply to save the Integration.

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