Frequency Capping

CrossEngage allows you to set a maximum frequency of messages sent per User in a given time frame. Once this limit is reached, the User does not receive any more messages for the specified duration.

Setting Global Frequency Cappings

  • To set Global Frequency Cappings, go to More -> Frequency Cappings.

  • Click on Edit.

  • Here, you can set the total maximum number of messages sent per minute, hour, 1 day (24 hours), 7 days or 30 days.

  • You can also set the maximum number of messages for each channel such as email or web notifications.

  • Click Save.

Frequency capping works in capping intervals and applies to the actual delivery times. The values you define impact each user separately within the target group of your campaign.

For example, if frequency capping is set for "once per day", each user who received a message will not receive any further messages for 1 day.

"Day" is defined as a period of 24 hours, starting from the dispatch of the first message. If an email is sent to the customer at 9am on 1st of January, they will not receive any more emails until 9am on 2nd of January, for a frequency of "once per day".

Campaign Frequency Cappings

Apart from the Global Frequency Cappings, you can also set Cappings in each Campaign to prevent duplication of messages. In such a case, messages are paused for that specific campaign if the Campaign Capping Frequency is reached, and for all Campaigns if the Global Capping Frequency is reached.

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