Using Vouchers

You can add a voucher pool to any of your campaign messages, using the #VoucherPool Helper Function. To avoid writing code, you can copy the function directly from CrossEngage. The #VoucherPool Helper Function has the following syntax:

{{#voucherPool '{"name": [Voucher pool name]}'}}
   {{[Voucher pool attribute]}} 

Add Vouchers to Messages

Instead of writing a Handlebar expression from scratch, it is possible to obtain the relevant expressions from within the CrossEngage platform.

  • Go to More -> Vouchers.

  • Click on the Voucher Pool you wish to use.

  • On the right side of the page, you can find Voucher Metadata. Click on the Copy button for Code in the Metadata. This will copy the relevant Helper Function.

  • Paste this code in your message / template where you wish to display the Voucher Code.

  • Similarly, you can also copy additional information , such as the Terms and Conditions of the Voucher, Validity or Discount Value.

CrossEngage will automatically remove any Voucher Codes already spent from the Voucher Pool, to ensure it is not sent again to a customer.

For more details on adding Vouchers, please go to Voucher Helper Function.

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