Setting up Slack Notifications

To get started, you should have the following Slack access:

  • Ability to add Slack apps to your workspace

  • Ability to add Slack apps to public channels

If you do not have these permissions, please contact your in-house Slack admin to get this access.

To add the App to your workspace, click the Add to Slack button below and follow the instructions.

You will see the following page in a new tab:

Click Allow.

If the permission is successfully granted, you will see the following:

Open your Slack application, and create a new channel for CrossEngage Notifications.

Send the following command as a message in this channel: /xng connect <your_api_key>

Only you can see the command you sent on the channel. This ensures that the API key is not shared.

You can find your API key in the CrossEngage Platform, under Settings -> System Setup -> API Keys. Choose your Master API key..

Once the setup is complete, you will receive a Thank You message in the Channel.

If you encounter any problems during this setup, you can write to your Customer Success Manager, or to Customer Support.

You can remove CrossEngage notifications from a channel by using the following command: /xng disconnect <your-api-key>

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