Use Case: Welcome Story

In this Use Case, we create a simple Welcome Story. This Welcome Story consists of a series of messages sent to newly registered users based on their interactions with the shop.


  • Necessary user attributes:

    • Email Address

  • Necessary events:

    • Registered

    • Completed Order

First Steps to Story Creation:

  • Click ‘Stories’

  • Click ‘Create new Story’

Story Set-up

  • Be sure to name and describe the Story clearly.

  • ‘Labels’ is an optional feature allowing a Story to be grouped or tagged with other Stories, Campaigns, or Segments for organizational purposes.

  • Story Time Span: Choose the start date, as this is a Welcome Story set the end date to run indefinitely.

  • Cappings: Cappings allow you to define how often a user can enter the Story and the number of Stories they can be in simultaneously. Here, we do not allow a User to re-enter this story once they leave.

Story Canvas

  • Choose the event with which users enter the Story. In this case, the users should enter the Story once they register.

  • Choose the segment of users who must enter the Story. Here, we selected “All users” segment.

  • Add an Email Block. The users who registered will receive a “Welcome Email”.

  • Add a Real-time trigger block to define the timeline before the next email. Set the event as “Completed Order” with a wait of 3 days. Users who complete an order within 3 days will receive an NPS Survey and the users who don’t complete an order in the next 3 days will receive Offers.

  • Add Email Blocks for "Offers email" and "NPS Survey".

  • Just as before, let's send the user an NPS email if they complete an order after receiving the Offers email. Add another RT Trigger, configured similarly.

  • Click on Save Changes in the bottom left corner.

Activate your Story

Go to Story Summary, and click Activate to activate your story.

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