Update Method


The update method is used to update user information in CrossEngage. This means that anytime you want to provide/update user attributes based on the information available on the website, you can use this method to update attributes/traits in CrossEngage.

You do not need to identify users to update them via the update method, as CrossEngage automatically assigns them an anonymous xngGlobalUserId.

Personal information can of course be sent via web tracking but we recommend to transmit sensitive information (like address, telephone etc) per API or upload via feed.

The update method has the following structure for updating users:

ce('update', { name: 'Jeff', age: 59 });

If the user trait name overlaps with an identifier(e.g. email), it will override that identifier.

Use Cases

A user changes their address information

Upon form submission, call the update function with the new address values:

var attributes = {    
    "address": "Bertha-Benz-Strasse 5",    
    "postCode": "10557",     
    "city": "Berlin",    
    "country": "Germany"};
ce('update', attributes);

This ensures that this user's data is updated on the CrossEngage platform in real time. For example, after an update is made, direct mail campaigns can immediately have access to the most recent address information.

A user signs up using their personal information

Upon successful registration, call the identify function with the newly created externalId followed by an update call containing any newly gathered information:

var externalId = "211519787" 
var attributes = {    
    "name": "John Doe",    
    "plan": "tier3" 

ce('identify', externalId);
ce('update', attributes);

You should consider sending all of the information that the user provided in their registration form so the user is set up on the CrossEngage platform in real time.

Never send any user passwords or tokens through CrossEngage web tracking functions.

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