The CrossEngage Platform stores User Data, such that each User can be identified by their Email Address and Business Unit, or External ID (ID). This is important, so that Orders and Events can be linked to individual users.

General limitations:

When creating or importing Users, please adhere to the following limitations:

  • String fields cannot be bigger than 16 KB. To transmit more data, please send it as an array of strings, or numbers (or other primitive types).

  • The maximum size of a JSON-User object cannot exceed 1 MB.

  • There is a limitation of 30 nested fields for one CrossEngage instance.

  • Nesting deeper than two levels is not possible.

  • The maximum number of json objects that a single document/customer can contain across all fields and nested types is 1000. This limit helps to prevent out of memory errors when a document contains too many nested objects.

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