Testing & Debugging

How to debug tracking SDK

Setting up the Debug Panel

After setting up the web tracking SDK, the best way to debug it is by going on the site it was installed on and setting the following config, by using the browser console:


This will set a temporary local cookie( expiring after 7 days), that enables the CrossEngage Debug Console, which will be visible after a hard refresh of that website in the bottom right corner. Please note that this configuration will only affect your own browser in which this cookie is set.

You can then access the debug panel by simply clicking on the shown panel.

We also always automatically show all executed tracking calls.

Using the Debug Panel

You can use the debug Panel to:

  • Access/View the current SDK configuration

  • Monitor the triggered Events and have a detailed view of the event payloads, responses as well as the order in which the events have been sent

  • Trigger Events and User updates - allowing you to quickly test and also imitate user behaviour

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