Create a Campaign Message

Using optilyz in a Campaign

  • Log in to your CrossEngage account.

  • Go to Campaigns and click Create new campaign in the top right

  • Choose whether you want to create an Audience or a Realtime campaign.

  • Once you have created your campaign and filled in the “Campaign setup” and “Target group” sections, go to the Messages section and click Create new message.

  • Select Direct mail from the dropdown menu. The message setup screen will open

  • Under the “Send via integration” heading, select the optilyz integration that you set up earlier.


  • To fill in the Automation field, you will need to have a created Automation in optyliz.

  • If you have created automation(s) choose the one you want and skip the following section. If you do not have any yet, follow the steps in the section below.

Creating an Automated Mailing in optyliz

CrossEngage only displays automations that are Live in your optilyz account.

  • Log in to your optilyz account.

  • Go to Automations in the left panel menu.

  • ClickNew Automation in the top right corner of the page.

  • Give the automated mailing a descriptive name so that you can easily identify it later.

  • Choose the delivery country.

1) Postage

  • Mailings are created on a minimum volume basis. Select the minimum recipient count to send out a mailing.

  • Set mailing dates. By default, mailings can be created on any business day.

  • Choose whether Optilyz should include or exclude unverified or duplicated addresses, suspicious names or missing names in mailings.

2) Mail Materials

  • Select the mail materials that you would like to use.

  • After selecting all mail materials, click Save and Configure.

  • Set the configuration of each mailing material by clicking Review Configuration and then choosing the right format, grammage, material, number of pages, color mode and personalisation.

  • When ready, click Confirm.

You can learn more about the optimal configuration of your mail materials by hovering your cursor over the information icon beside each title within the configuration, or by reading this article.

3) Visuals

  • Upload your final design of the mailing material. Leave the personalisation and address fields blank.

  • Add a voucher code if you wish (see the next section).

  • Upload a final design in a similar fashion to the first step, but this time fill in the address and personalised data to show optilyz how to print them. Learn more about personalising your designs here.

Voucher Codes

  • Choose whether you want a

    • Personalised Voucher - each customer receives a unique voucher.

    • Non-Personalised Voucher - all recipients receive the same voucher.

Setting up a Personalised Voucher

  • To add a Personalised Voucher, you need to have a voucher pool set up in your CrossEngage account. To set up a voucher pool go to Settings > Vouchers. Learn here how to set up the voucher pool.

  • Once the voucher pool is set up:

    • Copy the name and paste it into the Voucher pool name line.

    • Click CONTINUE and SAVE.

Non-Personalised Voucher

  • Insert the Voucher Code.

  • Click SAVE.

4) Summary

  • Double check that everything is set up to your specifications.

  • Click ACTIVATE.

  • Select the created Automation in the CrossEngage campaign message.

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