Creating Vouchers

To create Vouchers in CrossEngage, you can import a .csv or a .txt file containing the Voucher Codes, to be sent out to your audience.

Create a Voucher Pool

  • Go to More -> Vouchers.

  • Click on Create a New Voucher Pool.

  • Give your Voucher Pool a meaningful name.

  • Click on Choose File to import the Voucher Codes. Make sure that the file:

    • Does not exceed 100,000 Voucher Codes.

    • Does not contain repeated / duplicated Codes.

    • Contains One Voucher code per line, with no comma after the code.

  • Add Additional Metadata about the Vouchers, as needed.

    • Type - Choose whether the discount will be a fixed amount or a percentage discount.

    • Value - Set the voucher's value.

    • Currency - Choose the voucher's currency (e.g. EUR)

    • Minimum Basket - Determine the minimum basket value for eligibility for the voucher.

    • Valid from/Valid to - Choose the time period during which the vouchers will be valid.

    • Conditions - Determine the conditions limiting the voucherโ€™s use.

Additional Metadata is optional, and does not affect how Vouchers work. This information can later be used in your outgoing messages, using the #VoucherPool Helper Function.

  • Choose Notification Settings for your Vouchers.

    • To receive an alert when the amount of Vouchers are running low, check the first box and provide a Threshold Quantity, and an email address to send the alert to.

    • To receive an alert if the Vouchers Expire while they are still being used in a campaign, check the second box and provide an email address. This option requires a Valid To date in the Additional Metadata.

  • Click Save.

You can now view your Voucher Pool and monitor how many codes are spent. Simply go to More -> Vouchers, Find your relevant Voucher Pool, and click on it to see details.

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