Create a Campaign Message in CrossEngage

Before you can create a Campaign message in CrossEngage, you must set up your Campaign in Trbo.

  • Log in to your Trbo account.

  • Go to Settings -> Campaigns and click on the ( + ) button to add a new Campaign.

  • Give your Campaign a meaningful name.

  • In Basic Settings, under External Data Source, select CrossEngage.

  • Leave the remaining settings untouched. We will configure them after we set up the Campaign in CrossEngage.

  • Save the Campaign and close Trbo.

Campaign Setup

  • Log in to your CrossEngage account.

  • Go to "Campaigns" and click on "Create new campaign" in the top right corner.

  • Choose whether you want to create an Audience or a Realtime campaign. Information about the distinction between these types of campaigns found here.

  • Once you have created your campaign and filled in the “Campaign setup” and “Target group” sections, go to the Messages section and click Create new message.

  • Select Onsite Display from the dropdown menu. The message setup screen will open.

Message Configuration

You can now select one of the "Shops" you have defined on Trbo and select one of the active campaigns that you would like to transfer audiences to.

CrossEngage automatically extracts your campaign Start and End date and displays them upon selection in the current format.

Additionally, if your current CrossEngage campaign does not have at least one dispatch within the "Start" and "End" date of your Trbo campaign, we will immediately notify you to allow you to change the dates to ensure that the users transferred will see this onsite campaign.

Important Notice

If you do not plan to add any additional rules to a Trbo campaign and you plan on using this campaign only with CrossEngage segments, please ensure that you add a placeholder to avoid displaying the campaign to your entire Trbo account audience.

To add a placeholder, when creating or updating a campaign on your Trbo user interface, add the following rule:

  • CrossEngage Segment is "reserved" (can be any word you choose)



Users will be automatically removed from the Trbo campaign audience by the end of their selected lifespan or the end of the Trbo campaign, depending on which occurs first. You may select a lifespan from 30 minutes and up to 90 days.

Overwrite list

CrossEngage also gives you the ability to overwrite the existing audience each time a campaign runs. This option is only valid for "Audience" campaigns. If you would like to overwrite the audience, please check the box under the "Overwrite list" section.

  • Click 'Save'.

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