Set up Zenloop Survey via ESP

Set Up your zenloop Survey

  • Go to the Collect Page in Zenloop, and choose Email Embed.

  • Follow these steps to set-up your zenloop Email survey.

  • Customise your survey styling using zenloopโ€™s Survey Editor. For more information, click here.

  • Click next to go the the Implement Step.

  • Set the Email Marketing Platform as Custom.

  • copy the HTML code snippet to use in CrossEngage.

  • Setup a campaign in CrossEngage using an email integration and add the HTML code you copied in Step 4.

  • In order to attach Recipient Identities & Properties, you must alter each URL in the code (there can be up-to 11, depending on the scale being used) using handlebars. The links must be changed as follows. For more information, see the Zenloop documentation here.[Survey-Hash-ID]/email_embed/10?is_a_test=false&identity={{user.[traits.externalId]}}&identity_type=custom&first_name={{user.[traits.firstName]}}&last_name={{user.[traits.lastName]}}&properties[ce_externalId]={{user.[traits.externalId]}}

You can see the Hash ID for your Zenloop Surveys in Settings -> zenAPI.

  • Activate and run your Campaign.

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