Templates are a powerful tool in CrossEngage, which allows you to create Message Templates with Hypertext (Text, hyperlinks and digital media such as videos), and re-use them any number of times. Furthermore, by incorporating Handlebars in your Templates, you can customize each message with Specific information about the receipient User.

You can create Templates in CrossEngage using the built-in Template Builder, or by directly using HTML code. You can also use many of the Templates of our Integration Providers. For more information, please refer to the Integrations Section.

Layout of a Template

In CrossEngage, a Template contains parallel horizontal Structures that can be added or removed to change the length of the email. Each Structure contains one or more Containers. These Containers contain the contents of the email, such as Text, Images, Videos and more. By diving the Templates in Structures and Containers, we can easily set up and modify the Template. This also gives us the power to modify parts of the Template as independant units.

Structures are also grouped together as 'Stripes'. Generally, you can combine your Structures in three Stripes - Header, Content and Footer, but you are free to create more stripes as needed.

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