User Profile Data

User Traits

The user.[traits] handlebar can be used to pull data from a User's profile. It has the following syntax:


This can be used to display relevant information to the user in an email, or used with Conditional Functions to modify other text, based on the User's traits such as age or gender.


Displaying a User's first name in a greeting

<h3>Good Afternoon {{user.[traits.firstName]}}!</h3>

Once this handlebar is evaluated, it displays the first name of the Recipient User in the email.

Displaying a User's favorite product

To display the image of a User's favorite product, you can use the findProduct function with the User's traits, as follows:

{{#findProduct user.[traits.favoriteProductSku]}}{{[properties.image]}}

Similarly, instead of displaying the image of the product, other properties of the product can be used to display other information.

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