Create an Audience Campaign

  • Go to the Campaigns Tab, and click on Create Campaign.

  • Choose Audience Campaign.

  • Give your Campaign a meaningful name. You can also add a Description, Labels or choose a Campaign Group. This will help you and your team to follow the Campaign later.

  • Select the dispatch time for the Campaign. For this example, we will set the Campaign to run every morning at 9:30am.

  • Choose a Control Group for the Campaign. A Control Group is a group of customers who are excluded from the Campaign, so we can judge how the Campaign is affecting user behavior. Here, we disable the Control Group.

  • Click on Save Changes.

  • Go to next step: Target Group.

  • In the Target Group, select or create a User Segment. This is the audience of your campaign that will be targeted.

  • Click on Save Changes.

  • Go to next step: Messages.

  • Create a new message for your audience. Here we use a Template for a Birthday Card. You can also use Handlebars such as {{user.[traits.firstName]}} to customize your message and Subject.

  • After configuring your message, you can click on Preview Message to see what the outgoing message will look like.

  • Go to next step: Frequency Capping.

  • Select the required Frequency Capping. Here, we skip this step.

  • Go to Campaign Summary.

  • You can now activate your campaign,by clicking on the Activate button from the Campaign Summary page.

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