Create a Campaign Message with Airship

  • Log in to your CrossEngage account.

  • Go to “Campaigns” and click “Create Campaign” in the top right corner of the page.

  • Choose the type of campaign (audience or real-time) you want to create. Learn about the distinction between these two types of campaigns here.

  • The third step in the campaign creation flow is message creation. Click “Create new message”.

  • Select “Segment Transfer”.

  • Select the Airship integration you set up earlier from the “Send via integration” drop-down.

Message setup

  • Choose the project connected to the selected integration.

  • Choose the list you want to transfer your users to.

You can either clear the list or append the users to the existing list.

This list can be used in the ‘Messages’ setup on Airship.

Response Data

You will see the following response data with this integration:

  • Sent

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