Insights Tab

The Insights Tab provides valuable tools to better understand your into meaningful features transformed and aggregated data. This can help you get a better sense of how your customers and their movements are structurally composed. From this Tab, you can use the clear interface to draw profitable insights for your marketing in no time at all and directly select customers based on their features.

Click on the Insights Tab in the Top Right of your screen. The Insights page is divided into two parts; a Header and some graphs.

The Header

On the far left in the Header, you can see the current name of your selection. In the middle, you can see the number of Customers in the current selection, and a "Cancel" button that will reset the Selection and remove all filters. On the right, there are the Edit and Export buttons.

The Edit button opens a window, where you can rename your Selection, and choose which customers to include or exclude based on previous Selections. You can also use any uploaded block- or allowlist files, to choose customers for the selection.

The Export button allows you to export your Current Selection. The Customers who meet your current filtering criteria will be compiled in the Selection, with the name you have provided using the Edit button. You can manage and download this Selection now from the Selections Tab.

The Graphs

The Graph area on the Insights page has 4 Graphs, which are labeled by default as "customer_recency", "customer_frequency", "customer_monetary" and "customer_since". Hover your mouse over the Title of any of the Graphs, to see the Graph Settings button. Click on the Graph Settings button of any graph to modify it. In the Graph Settings, you can change the Graph Title, the Labels for X-axis and Y-axis, or change the number of ticks to be shown.

How to use Insights

The true power of Insights comes from the ability to filter customers based on the graphs. All 4 Graphs are interactive; You can select a filter range by clicking and dragging your mouse over the area in the graph to filter out, or by providing numerical values in the fields below the Graph. Once a filter is applied, all 4 Graphs adjust accordingly. You can use different filters in different graphs together to study different parts of your User Base, and at any given moment extract a Selection of your Users by simply clicking on the Export button in the Header. You can also clear all filters by pressing the Cancel button in the Header.

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