The Dashboard provides a summary of recent activities on the CrossEngage Platform. The Dashboard is divided in multiple sections, each of which shows a different metric.

Certain features, such as the Segment Tracker, are not included in the default Dashboard. To use any unavailable features, please Reach out to Customer Support.

Each section of the Dashboard contains a button at the top right corner to view the section, or to hide it. You can also rearrange different sections by Clicking on the 6 dots at the top of the Section, and dragging it to the required place.

Account Summary

The Account Summary summarizes the number of Active Campaigns, Stories, Segments and Prediction Models in CrossEngage.

Event Data

The Event Data shows a summary of the Events recorded by CrossEngage in the last 12 months. These are the same Graphs as can be seen in the Events Overview page.

Upcoming Dispatches

The Upcoming Dispatches Section displays the Automations that are scheduled to Dispatch (send) messages in the future.

Engagement Data

The Engagement Data section can be used to monitor all outgoing channels at a glance. Click on "Show Filters" at the top left of the Engagement Data Section, to see available filters.

After unhiding filters, click on the Calender icon in the top right corner of the Engagement Data Section. This allows you to choose the date range for which Engagement Data will be displayed.

Click the Metrics Icon to choose which metrics to display for each channel. By default, only the number of outgoing messages are displayed. You can unlock other useful Metrics, such as Delivery Rate, Number of Unique Clicks or Unsubscribe rate etc.

Click the Channels icon to choose the Channels to display. By default, all channels available to you on the CrossEngage platform are displayed. You can also choose only frequently used Channels for more meaningful insights.

Segment Tracker

The Segment Tracker is a new Feature in CrossEngage, allowing you to track how your Segments change over time. You can learn more about the Segment Tracker here.

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