Prediction Tab

The Prediction Tab evaluates a previously defined customer group in terms of their average conversion rate, cumulative sales, and profit based on the selected model. This allows you to define a Selection of Customers in Monetary terms, and predict expected Revenues and Profits from different Selections.

Hover your mouse over the Prediction Tab, to see Active Models. Click on the Model from which predictions you wish to select customers. The Prediction page is divided into two parts; Header and Prediction.

The Header

The Header contains a summary of the Prediction Data, the current Selection, and your specified Commercial Data. It also contains Three buttons, similar to the Insights Tab.

The Prediction data summarizes the expected Conversion Rate for the Campaign, as well the Revenue and Profit it is expected to generate. This is calculated based on the Commercial data entered into the system, as seen on the right side of the header. When the commercial data is edited, the expected Prediction adjusts accordingly.

In the middle of the Header is the Selection. You can check the "Optimize for Profit" checkbox, to automatically set the Selection size that maximises the Profit. You can also manually enter the size of the selection to take from the most profitable customers.

The Cancel button can be used to reset the Selection.

The Edit button opens a window, where you can rename your Selection, and choose which customers to include or exclude based on previous Selections. You can also use any uploaded block- or allowlist files, to choose customers for the selection. The Edit button also allows you to edit the commercial data.

In the Edit Window, you can choose to optimize your Prediction for Conversion to prefer Customers with a high likelihood of purchasing or optimize for Revenue to prefer Customers likely to spend more money.

The Export button allows you to export your Current Selection. The Customers who meet your current filtering criteria will be compiled in the Selection, with the name you have provided using the Edit button. You can manage and download this Selection now from the Selections Tab.

The Prediction

In the Prediction part of the Prediction tab, you can see a number of graphs reflecting the commercial value of the Customers being targeted in the current Selection. The first graph summarizes the Prediction to show how much Revenue and Profit is expected against varying size of the Selection. When you provide the number of Customers to target in the Header, the respective part of this graph is highlighted.

Below the Prediction graph, there are 5 other graphs detailing the main features of this Selection. Hover your mouse over the Title of any of the Graphs, to see the Graph Settings button. Click on the Graph Settings button of any graph to modify it. In the Graph Settings, you can change the Graph Title, the Labels for X-axis and Y-axis, or change the number of ticks to be shown.

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