Create a Campaign Message with Mailgun

  • Log in to your CrossEngage account.

  • Go to Campaigns and click Create new campaign in the top right corner of the page.

  • Choose whether you want to create an Audience or a Realtime campaign. Information about the distinction between these types of campaigns found here.

  • Once you have created your campaign and filled in the “Campaign setup” and “Target group” sections, go to the Messages section and click Create new message.

  • Select Email from the dropdown menu. The message setup screen will open.

  • Under the “Send via integration” heading, select the Mailgun integration that you set up earlier.

  • Fill in the Sender Information:

    • “Sender email address” - the address from which the email will be sent;

    • “Reply-to email address” - the address where replies will be sent to;

    • “Sender name” - the name of the message sender.

  • Create a message template, for which Handlebars may be useful.

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