How can I test a campaign before it goes Live?

You can perform a test in order to make sure that your message is displayed correctly and that the user journey is set up accurately.

When using the Email Channel

When setting up an email campaign, you can generate a preview (not supported for all email service providers) or send it as a test email to your mailbox:

Go to Campaigns → choose your campaign → Edit Messages

You can now either click on:

  • Preview to view the HTML template within CrossEngage, or

  • Send email preview to me, right above the HTML Template block to send an example email to your mailbox. Next, enter your email address in case you want to preview it in your mailbox and choose the number of copies you want to receive. This will render you the messages for random users in your segment.

When using other Channels

In case you are testing other channels, you can create a segment which contains only yourself or your colleagues and apply the campaign to this segment. Remember, that you need to have a customer account to make your name appear in the segment.

  1. Go to User Segments and click on Create new segment.

  2. Name the segment and then, click on + Add conditions.

  3. In the window with a new connection, choose "User attributes" and click on "Add new".

  4. Choose the relevant attribute. Email address ( or CrossEngage ID (traits.xngGlobalUserID) would be the best option in most cases. Please make sure that you are qualified to undergo the user journey you built. If not, modify your user profile accordingly via User Feed upload or Update a User function in API.

  5. Add the value of the trait (for example, your email address). Set the operator value to "equals" or "contains".

  6. Close the condition and save the segment. Don't forget to estimate the segment size - there should be exactly one user in it, in case you added only yourself. You can also verify this by going to User Segments.

  7. Assign the created segment to your campaign and activate the campaign via Campaign Overview.

  8. Imitate the user journey which you have created for the campaign.

I did not receive my test message. What can I do?

Firstly, ensure that

  • your test segment is correct and that you are included in it

  • your user journey is consistent and takes relevant user behaviour into consideration

  • there are no exclusions (page exclusions, frequency cappings, rules when campaign should not be sent) which may prevent you from seeing the message

  • if you are using Onsite, Browser Push or Exit Intent, your browser allows the display of ads and notifications

If you are still experiencing issues, please submit a request.