Why does the Exit Intent campaign I have set up not show up?
If you have set up an Exit Intent and it doesn't show up, please verify the following
  • You have used a Real Time campaign
  • The campaign is active
  • The start time is not in the future
  • The campaign has not passed its end time yet
  • In case you are selecting an event property in the user journey such as "properties.page.url", make sure you are pasting exactly the correct string. When in doubt, the operator "contains" is easier to test with than "equals". Example: properties.page.url contains http://www.google.com
  • Make sure that - when testing - you are contained in both segments you have selected (once for the Target Group and once in the Channel Setting)
  • Make sure there are no long waits at the end of your campaign that you haven't passed yet
  • Check the display URL for your Exit Intent. User .* if you want your exit intent to be displayed on any page
If the issue persists, please submit a request.
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