Sending a Zenloop Survey via ESP

Setting Up your Zenloop Survey

Zenloop is a customer feedback platform, which enables customers to calculate Net Promoter Score (NPS). For more information, check their NPS calculator here.

  • Start at this page.

  • Select “Email Survey,” as the API only supports this type of survey.

  • Select "Send Your Emails via zenloop"

  • Next, set up your design

  • Choose whether or not you wish to block anonymous responses. If anonymous responses are not blocked, this makes it possible that response data can be corrupted by spam.

  • When the design is completed, Zenloop produces an embeddable code representing the survey.

  • Copy this code, set up a campaign in CrossEngage using an email integration, and add the code.

  • In order to attach recipient identities, you must alter each in the code using handlebars, so as to pass variables to identify users. The links must be changed as follows:[seriesOfNumbersDesignatingASpecificSurveyAsResponseDestination]/email_embed/10?is_a_test=false&identity={{user.[traits.externalId]}}&identity_type=custom&first_name={{user.[traits.firstName]}}&last_name={{user.[traits.lastName]}}&properties[ce_externalId]={{user.[traits.externalId]}}
  • For more information, see the Zenloop documentation here

  • Activate your campaign as you would any other campaign using an email integration.