Use Case: Welcome Story

A Welcome Story is one of the simplest use cases to set up. The Welcome Story consists of a series of messages sent to newly registered users based on their interactions with your shop.

To access an interactive tutorial demonstrating the creation of this Story, log into the CrossEngage platform, disable any ad-blockers, and click this link.


  • Necessary user attributes:

    • Email Address

  • Necessary events:

    • Registered


First Steps to Story Creation:

  • Click ‘Stories’

  • Click ‘Create new Story’

Story Set-up

  • Be sure to name and describe the Story clearly.

  • ‘Labels’ is an optional feature allowing a Story to be grouped or tagged with other Stories, Campaigns, or Segments for organizational purposes.

  • Story Time Span: Choose the start date, as this is a Welcome Story set the end date to run indefinitely.

  • Cappings: Cappings allow you to define how often a user can enter the Story and the number of Stories they can be in simultaneously. You can configure this in the Cappings section.

Story Canvas

  • Choose the time at which the Story should start in the ‘Start Block’

  • Select the segment of users who must enter the Story. You can either create a segment or choose a preexisting segment. Here, we selected a pre-existing segment named ‘Registered Users’ which consists of users who registered in the past 3 days.

  • Welcome Email: The users belonging to the ‘Registered Users’ Segment will receive a Welcome Email. Drag & drop the Email Message block onto the canvas as shown below.

  • Condition block: Let's add a Condition block to define the timeline of the next email. Drag & drop a Condition block onto the canvas and set the condition to greater than 0. Send an email with the latest deals to the users who meet this condition, to those who don’t we will send this email after a wait of 3 days.

  • Add another Condition block to define the next steps of communication. Let’s show an Onsite Display prompting users who complete an order after receiving the latest deals email, to refer a friend.

  • If the users do not complete an order, we will wait for 3 days and send them another email with the latest deals. Just as before let's show the Onsite Display prompting the users to refer a friend if they complete an order after receiving the second email.