Template builder

Currently, the beta version of the CrossEngage Template Builder is available with Sendgrid, Mailjet, Mandrill, and Inxmail Commerce integrations. You will see it as an option when choosing a template for your message.
In the template source block you can:
  • create a new template
  • select an existing template from the dropdown
  • edit an existing template (which will affect all messages using that template)
  • copy an existing template to new and edit it
The editor is divided into 2 sections: Settings Panel and Editing Area.
The Settings Panel contains almost all of the functionality of the embedded settings for editing emails.
The Settings Panel is divided into 2 parts: Appearance and Content.


General Settings
In General Settings, you can set up the Email width, which is 600px by default. You can set any size between 320 and 900px.
Set up Default padding, which will be used by default for all new structures added to the email from the Content tab or while adding new rows.
You can pick the basic Font, its size and Font color for all following text blocks.
In addition, you can set the Link color in the email (turn the Underline links on or off), and default Line spacing for all text elements of the email. Important: keep in mind that this is the only way to set line spacing that will be displayed on mobile devices.
Here, you also can set up a Background image for a whole email, Headings, header, footer and buttons can be set up here too.


You can pick a Structure, that contains 1, 2, 3 or 4 Containers from the sub-menu Structures.
Each Structure can hold 1 to 8 containers.
Currently, there are 10 basic Blocks:


The Modules menu contains previously saved content blocks, that you can reuse in your emails.
You can also add your favorite Rows, Structures, and Containers into the Modules menu to be reused later.
Using the drop-down menus, you can delete, move, copy, or save any email elements as modules.

Top bar

The top bar contains: template title field, undo and redo, HTML editor mode, preview for desktop and mobile, save button and the possibility to go back to the message form.