Personalize templates with handlebars

The CrossEngage Template Builder makes personalizing your templates easy! Here is our tutorial on how to use handlebars in an abandoned cart campaign template.
To access an interactive tutorial demonstrating personalization of templates with handlebars, log into the CrossEngage platform, disable any ad-blockers, and click this link.
  • Drag and drop a text block into any of the empty structures in the template.
  • Let’s list 3 products, which a user has left in their cart, sorted by price. The picture, name, category, SKU, and price should be present. Copy the HTML code below:
<td align="center" class="esd-block-text">
<p>Hello {{user.[traits.firstName]}}, how are you doing today?</p>
<p>You left somthing behind<br><br></p>{{#includeProducts '{ "cartProducts": true, "options": { "maxResults": 3, "sortBy": "properties.price", "desc": true, "distinct": true } }' }}
<div><img src="{{[properties.imageURL]}}" height="200" width="300" alt></div>
<div style="text-align: left; padding-left: 20px;">
<p style="text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: bold; font-size: 18px;">{{[]}}</p>
<p>Category: {{[properties.category]}}</p>
<p>SKU: {{[properties.sku]}}</p>
<p style="color: orange;">${{[properties.price]}}</p><br><br>
  • Open the code editor for the selected block and replace the existing code with the copied code from above.
  • Click on the same icon to close code editor
  • Once you have customised your layout, you can save this block to be re-used in future templates by saving it as a module.
    • Click on the 'more' icon to view the options,
    • Select 'save as module',
    • Enter a module name, so you can easily find it again, and click save.
  • Add your branding and content and your template is ready to use for message dispatch.
This feature is currently in beta testing and we are continuously working to improve your experience, so if you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear it. You can reach out to us at [email protected]
Last modified 2yr ago