Birthday Campaign

The Birthday Campaign is one of CrossEngage’s simplest yet most effective use cases. As a result, it is very popular with our clients. As you may have guessed, the Birthday Campaign consists of a message sent to users on their birthdays, with the goal of increasing loyalty and creating a more personal connection between customer and brand. The birthday greeting may also contain a birthday gift in the form of a discount voucher or similar perk.
To access an interactive tutorial demonstrating the creation of this campaign, log into the CrossEngage platform, disable any ad-blockers, and click this link.

Prerequisite Information

  • Necessary User Attributes
    • Date of Birth (traits.birthday)
    • Email Address (
  • Operator: “anniversary”
  • Necessary Events and Properties
    • n/a
    • This campaign is not triggered by a particular user journey, and is therefore not paired with any required events.

First Steps to Campaign Creation:

  • Click “Campaigns”
  • Click “Create New Campaign

Type of Campaign

Campaign Set-up

  • Be sure to name and describe the Campaign clearly.
  • “Groups” and “Labels” are optional features allowing a Campaign to be associated with similar campaigns for organizational purposes.
  • Dispatch Timing
    • How many times will this campaign run?
      • Daily. Presumably, you wish this campaign to run every time a customer has a birthday. Thus, this campaign ought to be repeated
  • Within which period will this campaign run?
    • Because customer birthdays will continue to occur indefinitely, we suggest that you set the campaign to run indefinitely as well.
    • When should CrossEngage dispatch your messages?
      • No more than one dispatch per day is needed.
  • Control Group
    • The use of a control group is a matter of personal judgment. The advantage is that, given a statistically significant sample size, you can ascertain the effect of the campaign on user behavior. The disadvantage is that fewer users will be reached by an effective campaign.

Target Group

One convenient aspect of CrossEngage is that you can segment users both via the “User Segments” button on the Navigation Bar, or from within the Campaign Creation interface.
  • Create or Add Segment
    • Customers have the choice of targeting all users, using a pre-defined segment, or defining a new segment during the campaign-building process
  • Add Condition
    • Being an Audience Campaign, this condition must be based on ‘User attributes’ rather than ‘Event count.’
    • As stated above, the required user attribute is traits.birthday
    • Use the operator dropdown to define your segment such that “traits.birthday” “anniversary” “today”
  • Messages
  • Capping and Exclusions
    • In this case, campaign-level frequency capping is not necessary because, as a result of the campaign’s design, customers will receive only one birthday greeting per year.
  • Congratulations on successfully building your first audience campaign!