Cart Abandonment

Cart Abandonment and Follow-Up

The Cart Abandonment campaign is a very popular use case among CrossEngage’s eCommerce clients. Prospective customers who have placed items in an online store’s shopping cart, but who have not completed their transaction, are sent a message asking whether they are still interested in purchasing the item. This message can be combined with a limited-time discount on the item itself, or on a future purchase, so as to entice the customer to complete the transaction.
To access an interactive tutorial demonstrating the creation of this campaign, log into the CrossEngage platform, disable any ad-blockers, and click this link.


  • Necessary User Attributes
    • Email Address (
  • Necessary Events and Properties
    • Placed Item in Cart (Added Product)
    • No Completed Order (Completed Order: should not happen)

First Steps to Campaign Creation:

  • Click “Campaigns”
  • Click “Create New Campaign”

Type of Campaign

Campaign Set-up

  • Be sure to name and describe the Campaign clearly.
  • “Groups” and “Labels” are optional features allowing a Campaign to be associated with similar campaigns for organizational purposes.

Target Group

  • Choose Segment
  • User Journey
    • Click “Add an event”
      • Name clearly
      • Select event: “Added Product”
      • No properties required
      • Needs to happen
    • Click "Add a wait after this"
      • Name clearly
      • Select a time-phrase, considering that this is a real-time campaign.
    • Click “Add an event”
      • Name clearly
      • Select event: “Completed Order”
      • No properties required
      • This event should not happen
      • Don’t forget to add a time phrase, which defines the range of time in which this event should not happen.
Example User Journey of a Cart Abandonment Campaign


Cappings and Exclusions

  • Be sure to configure cappings to control the number of times customers receive marketing communications.