Customer Reactivation: No Visits Since Last Purchase
  • Type of Campaign
  • Necessary User Attributes
    • Email Address (
  • Necessary Events and Properties
    • Completed Order (should happen)
    • Session Started (after Completed Order, should not happen)
    • Wait X Days
  • Campaign Set-up
    • Be sure to name and describe the Campaign clearly.
    • “Groups” and “Labels” are optional features allowing a Campaign to be associated with similar campaigns for organizational purposes.
  • Target Group
    • Choose Segment
    • User Journey
      • Click “Add an event”
        • Name clearly
        • Select event: “Completed Order”
        • No properties required
        • Needs to happen
      • Click “Add an event”
        • Name clearly
        • Select event: “Session Started”
        • Must not happen, within seven days of the Completed Order event
      • Click “Add a wait after this”
        • Name clearly
        • Select wait time after the Completed Order event
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Cappings and Exclusions

  • Be sure to configure cappings to control the number of times customers receive marketing communications.
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