Welcome Email for New User

Newly registered individuals are greeted with a welcome email which seeks to convert them into customers
  • Type of Campaign
    • Real-Time: This campaign is triggered by a specific set of future customer activities, rather than past customer actions or customer attributes.
    • For more on the distinction between Audience and Real-Time Campaigns, see our documentation on the subject
  • Necessary User Attributes
    • Email Address (
  • Necessary Events and Properties
    • Registered (Registered)
  • Campaign Set-up
    • Be sure to name and describe the Campaign clearly.
    • “Groups” and “Labels” are optional features allowing a Campaign to be associated with similar campaigns for organizational purposes.
  • Target Group
    • Choose Segment
    • User Journey
      • Click “Add an event”
        • Name clearly
        • Select event: “Registered”
        • No properties required
        • Needs to happen
  • Messages
  • Additional Suggestion: Add a reminder email, to be sent X amount of time after the Welcome Email, encouraging the registered user to engage with the vendor.