Note: Voucher pools are limited in size to 100,000

For more information on implementing vouchers in marketing communications using Handlebars, see our Voucher Helper Functions documentation.

Creating a Voucher

  • Navigate to Settingsand select Vouchers.

  • Click theAdd new voucher poolbutton in the top right corner of the page.

  • Name - Give your voucher pool descriptive name such as “Discount Voucher for New Customers.”

  • File - Upload a .txt or a .csv document with unique voucher codes. Each voucher code must be:

    • unique

    • written in one line

    • written without a comma at the end of the line

  • Valid from/Valid to - Choose the time period during which the vouchers will be valid.

  • Currency - Choose the voucher's currency (e.g. EUR)

  • Fixed amount/Percentage discount - Choose whether the discount will be a fixed amount or a percentage discount.

  • Value - Set the voucher's value.

  • Min. Basket - Determine the minimum basket value for eligibility for the voucher.

  • Conditions - Determine the conditions limiting the voucher’s use.

  • Send notification - CrossEngage will send an automated notification when the following conditions are fulfilled:

    • the number of available vouchers is reduced to a predetermined limit, triggering a notification

    • the voucher pool being used in an active campaign contains expired vouchers

  • [Send notifications] to - Enter the email address(es) that you would like the notification emails to be sent to.

  • When ready, clickSave.

  • Skim over your new voucher pool in the dashboard to check that everything is set correctly.

Using Vouchers in a Campaign

You can add a voucher pool to any of your campaign's messages. To include a voucher in your campaign message, simply write the voucher pool name in the following form in your message.

{{#voucherPool '{"name": "Summer Sale Discount"}'}}

You can use vouchers in all of our integrations.

To learn how to use vouchers and voucher handlebars in your campaigns, read the Voucher Helper Functions article.